Friday, March 09, 2007

I Like Him

For a long time now I would find myself being uncomfortable watching comedians/hosts who use the misery of others for their so called humor. Specifically I'm talking of the late shows (regular tv). But I would watch the programs because the alternative was infomerials and I didn't need a grill.

I would typically watch Jay Leno, mainly because that channel was clearer on my tv than others. (and if you watch closely, Jay is a bit of a lech...) After Jay comes Conan. For a long time I would mumble under my breath about how bad the attempt at humor was... it wasn't funny and a third grade boy could be as good, as funny as this guy. Finally, because I'm a bit slow, it dawned on me to check the other guy's show. The other guy show was Craig Ferguson. I found him to be much funnier in the true sense of the word. So now I watch Craig.... whenever I haven't fallen asleep on the couch.

I came across this youtube cut from another blog the other day. (sorry, can't remember which blog.) Now I know I really like him. Please watch. It takes about 12 minutes.

Craig Ferguson Speaks from the Heart.

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Anonymous said...

I changed over to Ferguson about a year ago. I can't stand Conan, never could. I use to watch letterman, changed to Leno, got tired of the way Leno picks on people who are in the news, went back to letterman, and get bored with his stupid attempts at humor sometimes...and ...usually fall asleep during these shows anyway.

My favorite is Craig and I've seen that youtube and good for him!!!

I'm trying to type as H is yakking away. I have a buddy for a few days...