Friday, March 02, 2007

Friday March 2, 2007

I've been trying to upload some pictures to the blog entry via Picasa and I kept getting an error message... so no pictures today. I have three showing the progress on the house demolition. I'll try to post them later.

Still rainy and cold here. (Cold being a relative term. Canadian cold its not.) I was bored yesterday and almost picked up pen and paper to doodle. Today is the same as yesterday, so maybe doodling it will be.

I have been a little concerned for my neighbor. She's in recovery (1 yr clean) after 23 yrs of using. I'm concerned because of all the "life (problems) situations" she has had thrown at her and with all that pressure, drugs may looking tempting. I just saw her come from one of the upstairs apartments. There's still one apartment left (upstairs) that seems to have possible drug activity going on.... was she coming from that apartment? It would be a place to procure drugs of unknown nature. I hope my concern is unwarrented.

I fixed some homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner last night. And breakfast this morning. As normal, the flavor was so much better after the soup sat over night. It wasn't anything fancy... just used what I had on hand. Broccoi and baby carrots for the veggies plus the chicken and stock.

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Anonymous said...

So did you draw??

Chicken soup, yummy...

Annika makes really good chicken soup and we love it when she invites us over for dinner to share.

She always serves it with pillsbury "Grands" bisquits...