Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Warning: Ranting to Follow

Qwest DSL SUCKS! At times it can be worse than dial-up. I just spent 4 minutes waiting to see 22 SECONDS of a youtube video. What kind of service is that?! Yesterday it was not too bad but today, well, you know.... slurp slurp slurp! It sucks. And its been sucking all day long.

I've noticed, besides the five new gray hairs that grew as I waited on the video to move, that what an advertisement touts as one of their greatest services or products is the very thing that is their weakness. And not just with Qwest, but with just about every business. Or politician. I guess some might say they are 'embracing their weakness.' I ain't buying it. They're just straight up lying.

Its like a liar saying "I don't lie... ever." And I don't care how cheap the damn bridge is, I'm not buying it!!

Okay. It feels good to get it out. The rant is over now. ah..er... I mean the rant is over for now. More will probably follow later and I might even have film.

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