Thursday, October 19, 2006

Expensive Mistake or Huge Act of Charity?

My guess is that it was a mistake. On the news just now was a story about a painting by impressionist Frank Weston Benson that was given to Goodwill. Fortunately for Goodwill, someone knew a good painting when they saw it so they did further research on the artist. The painting was just sold (online aution) for $165,002. Otherwise it could have been put out on the shelves priced at $6. (I personally believe it would have been priced higher, but $6 is what the reporter mentioned. Nothing is cheap at Goodwill any more.)

I can't help but wonder if grandkids were clearing out grandma's house and just tossing everything because young people know that senior citizens wouldn't have anything of value. (snicker) If they hear about the news story I bet they're kicking themselves now. (more snickering)

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Anonymous said...

Yes I saw that, and it was at MY GOODWILL... hehe... They never let it out on the floor, so I don't feel as bad as I would have it someone other than me had found it... (grin)