Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Peep Hole

The setting sun gets through the door 'peep hole' and lands on the wall.

Looks like the latest police killing might go to trial. The case is with the grand jury right now. The autopsy showed multiple blunt force internal trauma to the mentally ill man. Twelve of his ribs, front and back, were broken or splintered and his lung was punctured. There were several eye witnesses who have said excessive force was used. Two of the policemen have been under investigation for excessive force before, but nothing came of it. Perhaps this time.

Do things come in threes or what. Within the last two days there has been three vehicles crashing into buildings/homes.... not just hitting the wall but going all the way in; fortunately no one has been injured. But how wild is that... three within a day or two. Interesting to speculate.

To demonstrate the stupidity of politicians, just look at Foley. WTF?! And now it sounds like they are going to try to blame a priest for his life style. Now isn't that handy.

Speaking of politics, the negative campaigns are going strong. One has a narrator using a suggestive voice to say the incumbent got eight raises in ten years. So what? When I was employed I usually got a raise very year. The negative ad does not indicate how much the raises were for... that would make a bigger difference.

Wanna bet the price of gasoline will go up after the elections?

The world seems to be going to hell in a handbasket... quickly.
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Anonymous said...

Prison planet ....that's what it feels like....the evil get richer and get away with more and well, we the sheeple get .*(*&)& more and more as they take our rights away....oh yeah....don't get me started....

Prison planet and my subtitle would be I WANT OUTTA HERE...

"you know who"

and on a lighter note, kewl the way the light comes through the peep hole.

and on that note I think I'll go ohmmmmmm.............

and p.s.

what is with all these school shootings...If I was paranoid..I would say there is some kind of manchurian candidate thing going on....but no I'm not paranoid...