Saturday, October 14, 2006

The ole stand-by

Sigh. Apparently it doesn't take much to become Chief of Police here. You just have to be DUMB AS A STUMP! A while ago we had a local incident involving our then Chief of Police and a citizen clerk. The clerk was going to sue the city for sexual harrassment because she decided to have an affair with a police officer who later became Chief. (Everyone seems to be looking to the city to finance themselves.) Well, all the sordid details came out. OH YUK!

First of all, the clerk looked like she just got off shift from walking (working) the streets. Straight up hooker style. (Her own mother evicted her... evicted her from a house that she wasn't paying rent for... you know its bad when mommy dearest kicks you out.)

And the police officer knew he shouldn't be having a sexual affair with this person because he kept telling her how important it was to keep it quiet. Putting it in writing, too.

Granted, this happened several years ago... before the guy became chief of police, but its a darn good indication of HIS LACK OF GOOD JUDGMENT. Ya just don't wanna sh*t where you eat!! And he just couldn't keep his pants zipped up. Of eight or so charges, only one stuck, but can you imagine what was being said by the cops 'on the beat' who were suppose to follow this "leader"? Its hard to respect someone's judgment when they've made a complete fool of themselves. He had to have been the butt of a lot of jokes in bad taste...and pun intended.

And now.... now that everything has settled down a little more this "brilliant star" is going to do another dump-ass thing. When all else fails... pull out the trump card. Scream at the top of your lungs "I'M BEING DISCRIMINATED AGAINST!!!" You got it, pull out the ole race card. Oh yawn!

His demotion couldn't possibly have had anything to do with the fact that he had a sexual affair with an employee. It couldn't possibly have anything to do with being a "laughing stock", of being someone who has demonstrated complete and utter stupidity in the choices he made for himself.... no.... couldn't possibly be that. It couldn't possibly have been because HE'S STUPID AS A STUMP!! therefore it must have been because he is black. What other reason could there be for this demotion?

Now I'm not so naive that I don't think discrimination happens here. It happens all the time. We've got a lot of rednecks and crackers around here. But this time.... I ain't buying it. What do you do when a 'leader' doesn't command respect? He was the biggest joke in town for a couple of months.

When I first became aware of this person I thought he was a real good role model... I thought he had some smarts. Boy was I wrong. And now to pull out this battered old race card... it just adds evidence as to his stupidity.

There... I've said it. I've voiced my opinion. I've been wanting to for a while and now its out. I may be back later to delete this entry, but for now I just had to say it.

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dd said...

Hey, nothing wrong with saying how you feel....and the race thing...pisses me off too when that gets pulled out of the hat, when it is something other than race....