Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Start Your Day Off With a Bang

Someone in a car just got busted in front of the apartments here. It was around 6am... still dark outside. I was watching the news and heard a bullhorn. I looked out of the window and saw five or six police cars with lights blinking, search lights on, all pointing at a car parked on the street. The bullhorn was instructing the driver to get out of the car with their hands up, just like on the tv show COPS.

Hey... I bet you didn't even miss me. I was gone for a few minutes. I saw a neighbor outside so I went out to see what she knew about the police activity. Apparently she was the one who called them.

She works nights and when she got home this morning she was outside having a cigarette. (It was still dark at that time.) A couple of guys walked up to the rear of the apartments and she said she saw one of them pull out a little silver gun from his pocket and put it in his waistband. They then left on foot... leaving their car where it was. It seems pretty strange to me that they would get out of their car to do this, but maybe they had other plans and with the neighbor outside they couldn't do whatever. The neighbor was thinking they may have been getting prepared to do something a few blocks away. They could then run to their car to get away without anyone seeing the car they got into.

Apparently, after checking everything out the police didn't find anything amiss so they let the guys go. I wonder what happened to the gun... where did it go? Just another one of life's little mysteries.

Well, my day has started with a bang. Is that a poor choice of words?

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