Saturday, October 21, 2006

Chit Chat

DUH. Better late than never. I just deleted the picture of my grandson. As I was looking and reading the entry it crossed my mind about the freaky prickheads that get off on small children, even those in diapers. I wish I had thought about that earlier. Damn!

Darius spent the night here and he's currently playing at the kitchen sink. Its the only activity he is willing to do without me being right there... so this is the only time I can get on the pc without little fingers trying to be cute and push on the keyboard.

Yesterday the family friend (where he usually stays) said he peed on himself four times. She ran out of jockey shorts for him so he's been in diapers again since then. We are both counting the days off until "mom's" return. ("gawd...a week and a half to go!!")

Life's little dramas keep happening to folks, especially the young ones. The family friend got a notice that they have to move. New managers took over her apt. complex and my bet is that they are getting ready to raise the rents. The friend often is late in paying her rent, but has always paid the late fees. I'm guessing the new management figures if she has problems with the cheap rent that she wouldn't be able to handle the higher rates. Or it might be because they get loud sometimes. Loud TV with three little kids... its got to be loud at times.

I just went to check on D... all I can say is that its a good thing I didn't mop my floor before he came over.

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dd said...

That pic just cracks me up...for some reason. I think its' seeing that cute butt and legs and him looking so "busy" at the sink...what a cutie!!!!

Oh yeah...they can sure where you out.

I love that pic!