Sunday, July 02, 2006

Cleared it out!

Cleared out 'the neighbor's' apartment just a few minutes ago. Not permanently, but nonetheless its movement. Six people came out... but I'm getting ahead of things.

Traffic at 'the neighbor's' place has been reduced greatly since Friday, but not completely. At 2:30am someone knocks on my door, a white female... wrong apt. She goes to apt. C and enters. During the next three hours (of which I snoozed off and on) a few people come and go. At 5:45a I hear another knock on my door. By the time I get to the door there is no one there.

At 6am I see the new on-site manager go to apt. C... the tenant comes out to talk to him, then I hear the manager telling people in the apt. to vacate. I'm guessing its with the tenant's permission. Apparently someone had been arguing and the manager came to quiet it down. (His significant other works graveyard and was trying to get to sleep.)

A guy was angry because someone took his money that had been sitting on the coffee table. Can you say STUPID? Now what idiot would leave money on a coffee table with five other crackheads sitting around it? Lots of milling around on the common porch area and semi-loud talking by the guy who lost his money. He's upset, of course. While this was going on two other people came but stayed back to watch, then left after seeing they weren't going to be getting anything.

I believe the tenant gave the okay to have his apartment cleared out cause I heard him ask the manager if he had another key to the apt and then told him to lock it up. The tenant as well as the five other people then dispersed, some muttering under their breath.

(If it was the tenant that took the guys money, then having the apt. cleared out would be to his advantage, wouldn't it. But it could have been any of the people. Three women and three guys, including tenant.)

It shouldn't be too long before the word spreads. It may not get to everyone, but I bet it gets to the regulars or most of them.

Can you say Yahoo with me?

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