Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Locked Out

Yesterday evening I managed to lock myself out of my apartment. I had been going in and out all day long and the door was unlocked. Somehow the lock in the door knob managed to move enough so that when the breeze from the window caused the door to completely shut... the locked snapped into place.

GASP! That first realization.... the handle doesn't move. No matter how many times I try. I then thought about how I had just finished closing and locking the front window. Damn! Ah... but the back window was still open. And the on-site manager was home. Lets turn the problem over to him, shall we?

With the help of a butter knife (to remove the snap-in window screen) and a chair (to get up high enough to boost himself through the window) he was able to get in and open the door for me. SIGH. Lots of thankyouthankyouthankyous followed.

I now keep my keys in my pocket at all times.
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