Tuesday, July 25, 2006

'The Neighbor' Update

'The neighbor' remains in jail but the TASK Force (drug enforcement) just cleared his apartment out and the manager is changing the locks now, as I type. A male and female were both taken away in handcuffs and a third male was able to walk away.

I feel relief and a sense of "lightness".

One of the police members (plain clothed) said 'the neighbor' was in jail for a DUII charge and would be getting out the at the end of the month. He also said if I saw any activity there at the apartment I could call the non-emergency police number to report it and they would "swoop by" and clear it out. (the place was already reported as a "drug house".) And I could do it anonymonously. (did I spell that right?)

'The neighbor's' two brothers came by... I didn't know who they were at first so I "challeneged" them. ("Why are you here!! What do you want!!") They explained that "unfortunately" they are 'the neighbor's' brothers. One of them definitely resembles 'the neighbor'. Anyway, they took the TV so it couldn't be stolen if anyone broke into the apt. and later they will return and get all the other stuff out.

There is some small pieces of broken glass by the door... the manager said it was probably from a crack pipe because the police break them when they find them.

I also found out that one of the young tenants that live upstairs is being evicted for non-payment of rent. I don't know why so many young people think they don't have to pay bills. I just don't get it. My youngest daughter has a problem with that too and now she's finding out what the consequences are... but hey, don't listen to your mother. What the hell does she know.

This young man is the one who had the illegal fireworks. Last night he and his buddies decided to party... drinking and loud music. The on-site manager reminded them that 10pm is the quiet time. His mother is the one who got the apartment for him and she was concerned about the eviction going on her record. They told her if he was out by a certain time, it wouldn't be reported as an eviction... so that should help make it quick.

I like having an on-site manager. Unfortunately its not a permanent arrangement. And I didn't know evictions happen so often, but when its the law that you have to rent units to people if they pass the credit and criminal record check that's what happens.

Now I can open my front window without worrying about who was going to be looking in... at least until its rented again.

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Carrie said...

"but hey, don't listen to your mother. What the hell does she know."

Did we listen to OUR mother? At least when young (LOL)

But it sounds like things are looking up, with the cleaning out AND the coolness.

Here it is 11:23 PM, almost Leno (but not yet Conan) and here I am still up. Not that I have any real reason to go to bed early and get up early.

I'm drifitng through the Universe... (imagining the Beatles singing "Across the Universe"... like rain inside a paper cup...)