Monday, July 03, 2006

And it runs?!

I guess this car runs... it was in the store parking lot when I returned to my car. I sat in my car a few minutes because I was a bit stunned. You could even say I was utterly amazed... The "hooptie" must have been running in order to get it parked, yet... yet... mygawd, it looked like it had been sitting in the junk yard for a decade or two. Yes, I was impressed to say the least.

The second boring picture once again fails to capture the brilliant color (see tiny red spots?) of the roses. It would have also helped if I could have stood on something higher when I snapped the picture. This is a parking area in front of a fire station... Beautiful roses and color everywhere, except in my camera.
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Anonymous said...

Are your pictures bigger to start, and just get small when you upload them here? (LOL) I saved that one and an earlier one with red flowers (bush) on the corner of a yard, and could brighten them up in a program, but when I make them bigger they lose detail. So, you would have to send them to me via email (bigger size)... not that you asked me to try and make them brighter, but I konw what you mean about pictures not coming out the way you see the scene. They sometimes need a bit of fixing (more contrast and brightness and sharpening) and that helps. I've found with Autumn leaves, the picturs tend to come out kind of flat and dull, compared to the real thing.
Speaking of pictures, I saw this on one of the responses on a MySpace (my kids and their friends, etc have them) and thought you'd get a chuckle

not sure how to post it here so it might show as a picture, but it should open from photobucket. No, it says some html tags are accepted but I tried the image one and it isn't.

Carrie said...

okay, that is me, Carrie

I just noticed there is a box that says name when OTHER is checked.

That seems simple

Carrie said...

I shouldn't have started this!

It cut off my link in photobucket, so I'll try again

Then I tried to write more (like now) and a box came up asking if I was sure i wanted to leave this page? I said NO and it closed the blog.

Then it usually takes me two tries to get the word verification word correct, so it will let me through.
But I found the place to put my name on, so I'm ahead with that.

Good thing I don'thave anything else waiting to get done, except the dishes

Carrie said...

it's doing it again!

it really is a funy picture.

I'll have to put it on somewhere else.

try this. maybe it doesn't allow links to be posted in comments/

but how does it know it's a link and not just a long sentence?