Saturday, July 08, 2006

Need a Ride?

I noticed this stretch limo parked on the street across the way. As the driver waited he dusted it off with a towel as several passer-bys stopped to speak to him... no doubt asking how it was at cornering. After a while I noticed someone putting something in the trunk and then getting into the back door. One lone person. A female who, from this distance, looked Asian. Perhaps there was to be an evening wedding.

I have often noticed the back porch on the building behind the parking lot. I tried a zoom but apparently my camera doesn't zoom very much. It looks like a lovely place to enjoy the breeze of the evening. I suspect many a story could be concocted with this porch as a setting.
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sandy said...

I really really really want to know the stories told on that back porch. Couldn't you just go over and ask them...Act like you are a journalist and doing a piece on the history of the area...yeah, how about that!!!