Friday, June 30, 2006

ohmygawd... Two Tornados

Two tornados blew through here. They were named Vyron and Darius. Ohmygosh!

'Mom' and the boys stopped by so 'mom' could use the pc and phone. While she was doing that these two tornados kept me hopping. Had to pick up things after the mop handle knocked them over... retrieve the dirty silverware that Darius, the dishwasher, put away in the drawer. Too much to list out. Lets just say it was a whirlwind of energy blowing through here.
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sandy said...

HAHAHAHAH, two tornados. One tornado is bad enough but two on the same day!!!! I would definitely need a nap. They are continuing their trend of remaining CUTE.

Has D wanted to take pictures yet by himself with your digital. I will be posting a few that Hunter the "photographer" has taken over the past month here and there. Some are okay and others I won't post because they are just a bluuuurrrrr..

cat's momma said...

Oh, oh, you're scaring me. I will be only a couple of rooms away from granddaughter when they move here. My life is about to change drastically! (well, in six months or so, anyway)! But, still, it's gonna change bigtime!!!!!!!

The Crusty Crone said...

To cat's momma (and Sandy)... things don't go to badly until the wee ones can walk. By that time you will have hopefully "baby proofed" the place. (picture a Japanese room with nothing in it.) It will save you a lot of NOOOOOOos screamed in panic. I'm kidding but only a little bit. It all depends upon the personality of the wee one.

Sandy, you asked about D. taking pictures... I'm sure he would if given half the chance but I grab the camera and put it out of his reach. "You're mean!" is often the response. I simply agree and tell him not to forget it. You gotta put the fear of god in them early. There was one time when D. used an object to pretend he was taking a picture, but that's about it.