Friday, July 07, 2006

Feeling a little nervous today

(I know.. I know... old photo but its all I had.)

I'm feeling just a little nervous today because I think 'the neighbor' is going to get a 24 hr. notice to vacate and you can never tell how people will respond. And 24 hrs isn't very long to find a place to put your stuff... and then move it. However, if this is a surprise to him then perhaps I should consider his disability to be a mental one rather than physical. Burned out brain cells due to crack usage?
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Carrie said...

Pretty picture

Can imagine how you must be feeling about the neighbor. I'd be feeling the same way

just keep thinking "it will all work out..."

Someone on a board told me that once and the rare times I think of it it does work. And it does work out.

sandy said...

Well I hope it goes well and there is no "drama" going on there....We just got back from a nice walk after dinner. The temps are great down here at night.