Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Heat Wave is over...

At least in my neck of the woods. Ohmygosh... its almost 10am and it is only 64 degrees. That's right... 64 degrees! Cool enough for sleeves but I refuse to close the windows. (titter, giggle... "the blinds are moving, too, just to show-off!" more giggling from the Crusty Crone. What a sight!)

I realize that many are still caught up in the heat... California and New York come to mind. So sorry they are still baking. The following is from the local news station:

"In New York, thousands of residents entered their ninth day without electricity Tuesday, while the local utility worked around the clock to restore its service - and its image."

Nine DAYS?! NINE OF THEM!! ohmygawd... I can't even imagine it. And this in New York, one of the major hubs of the world... NINE DAYS!! This is like hard to comprehend. I can't imagine what the folks are going through. I've been very fortunate in that I've only had to experience power outages for only a few hours at any one time. I wonder why its taking this long (and perhaps longer) to solve the problem... nine days is WAY TOO LONG!


Carrie said...

Good to know you are now cool. Now I can write that our heat wave (94 for 2 days last week, I sat in front of the fan and was annoyed by the humm and everything blowing around)is also over and the past few nights i've had to close the windows and use blankets. like you, I hate to close the windows after it's been hot, even if it's now almost COLD (at night)last night was 58 which doesn't sound cold when you say it, but felt cold. Before long I'll have to think about keeping warm. if it's not one thing it's another.
I was reading on a discussion board people in CA saying it was 115 or so, one of them said the power had been off for 12 hours. in that heat- not even a fan.
Actually, it's a wake up call in a way, because the power companies (like the oil companies) have us at their mercy. At least those who live in extreme weather conditions and need power and/or heat.I'm not too worried about heat, I have a woodstove and could burn furniture if it came to that. But when there's no electricity my artesian well doesn't work.

The Crusty Crone said...

I feel for the folks stuck in the hottest places... and I'm so thankful I don't live there.

So often I forget how entangled our existance is with electricity. Like you mentioned... your water source even uses it. I hope folks get their electricity back on asap. Especially those who are frail in one way or another.