Sunday, June 04, 2006

Starlight Parade


My daughter stopped by long enough to just drop something of mine off. She took her family to the Starlight Parade last night.

I don't know if the parade is the "official kick off" to the week long Rose Festival celebration or not, but it is to most of the folks around here. This is a somewhat short, night-parade that wends through the downtown area. It has grown over the years. I can remember when it was very informal and could barely be considered a parade by most standards. But now it is a 'bonified' paaa-rade!

'Mom' said Darius really got into the parade.... he danced and danced and then he marched and marched. Sounds like he made a memory or two. Of course it rained... and a small blessing was that it started towards the end of the event.

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sandy said...

oh I bet Darius had fun...Can just see him all excited...