Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bummer - with an update

I thought 'the neighbor' was going to have to move because he failed to pay his portion of the rent (section 8 thing), but I just found out today that someone (or some agency) bailed him out. Something else will need to occur I guess, cause he doesn't seem to be able to see the 'writing on the wall'.

The good news is someone associated with the people upstairs failed to pass the background check so she won't be moving into the currently empty apartment. (I haven't talked much about the people upstairs because they don't have the same amount of traffic, but I do believe they partake in the drug.) An ex-BIL, who is working for my son, may be moving into the apartment and I think he's someone who can get in people's face if the need arises. So... I'll be on one side of 'the neighbor' and the BIL will be on the other side.

UPDATE: I just got a call and my ex BIL will be moving into the empty apt. this weekend. And they are going to put a notice up that he is manager. In that way, he will have more clout to get someone evicted than a "disgruntled tenant". I am sooo glad, because I did not want to get the police involved...and besides, this is so 'small' they probably wouldn't do anything anyway.

The other good news is my son has sold his home and will be moving to a bigger place in town... closer to his office. Six bedrooms, which he needs with their brood. His first born is going to graduate from college in three years instead of four. (She's currently in Argentina on some kind of intern thingy and she loves her host family.)

And more good news... the wispy clouds from this morning are getting a little thicker today and I'm hoping it means cooler weather. We're suppose to be getting up to 90 degrees (am I repeating myself? you'll need to get use to it)... and that's still hot, but better than 102. Tomorrow comes the 80s. I hope I'm able to get the apt. cooled off tomorrow morning. Most times I can't open my window because of the druggies. And with this I acknowledge I'm repeating myself.


I Am said...

Do you have AC so you can at least use it when people are outside your place?

One thing that blew my mind when I first moved here was that a lot of places don't have AC...

When you said EX, did you mean YOUR ex? Boy I'm noisy...

The Crusty Crone said...

No AC here. It use to be that the few times it would get really hot would be few and far between so the need for AC wasn't big. And of course, that's changing. I think most of the newer apartments (that means more expensive apts) have built in air conditioners.

The ex I'm speaking of is my ex-husband's youngest brother, thus my 'ex-brother-in-law' who is my son's uncle (close to same age) and now my son's employee. Keeping people straight can get confusing, can't it. I probably should have just said "someone I use to briefly know a long time ago."

Anonymous said...

I noticed on The Weather Channel last night how hot it is there now, but sounded like the heat is moving more east and las Vegas, MT and AZ, etc. will be getting it (we once lived in Billings MT and boy did it get hot there! You wouldn't think, being a northern state like it is...)
Anyway, I really do enjoy reading your little stories, and how you can make anything INTO a story (LOL)

I wonder if you could write on the blog and then take the blog stories and put them together into a book of some kind? We take blogs for granted but I don't think everyone (yet) has a computer and the internet and some might still read books.
I never hope to be living in a hot apartment with crack addicts (etc) outside my window but now I will always know what it's like.
I'm sure a LOT of people (apartments) don't have AC, just because it seems normal now for some. I could use it here maybe one day a year (every other year) in northern VT, but there are times when it seems hot and humid (90) and I sit in front of the fan. I get tired of the humming of it and things I am doing blowing around. But then it's not 35 below zero
You suggested elsewhere I put my name on comments, where it auto ads me as "anonymous" and I laughed at that because I hadn't thought of doing this. Just that the program calls me anonymous so that's what I must be.
I think there's a place to sign in and add a password, too, but I probably have to set up a blog, too. Like with My Space, you have to set one up and be added, etc to read most of the stuff. (My Space is another topic, when it started it was spreading around the world like a disease, and now some are saying "My Space is the Devil!")
I don't have the time and energy to keep up with that stuff.

But I got the link to a pretty one with interesting stuff on it. Just that I have dialup and most of it won't open.

there's a whole video on it called "The Secret". of course it can't be that much of a secret if all these people (the little I could get it to play) are talking about it and it's on the internet.

~ Carrie

The Crusty Crone said...

Carrie said: "I wonder if you could write on the blog and then take the blog stories and put them together into a book of some kind?"

I think there has been several people who got publishing contracts or other gigs as a result of their blogs. One that comes to mind is Breakup Babe. She's young-er and her blog talked about sex and boys (aka men) a lot. She was just published and has been doing the book-tour thing. Her blog is not the same now, though.

I haven't yet checked out the link you shared. Speaking of 'secrets', have you checked out Post a Secret? Its updated once a week (Sat. night or Sunday). I can't remember if I have that on my links list or not.