Tuesday, June 20, 2006

With a little help....

'Mom' and the boys stopped by to take me to get my drivers license renewed. I was concerned about passing the vision test without glasses. Apparently you have to be almost blind to flunk it, so I'm good until 2013. This might have been my last renewal.

While here I did manage to grab a couple of pictures of the boys. Darius was in heaven as he "washed dishes". I'm going to remind him of this when he's older and grumpy because he has to clean the kitchen. And little Vyron still had a cold. He's a little screamer, too... but it usually gets him what he wants. He's one of those high pitched, blood curdling screamers! He was just tired and cranky.

And again I get to learn (or be reminded) that we all need each other... and even if I want to be totally independent from others, the universe will not allow it. My neighbor, the one with people coming to his door 24/7, offered to change my flat tire. My options were none, so I accepted his help. Turned out his 'brother' actually did the changing. 'The neighbor' said he had never changed one before. (I'm not even going to ask why he offered to do it, then. sigh) I did give him $5 and a cigarette to show my appreciation.

I put the word brother in single quote marks because the neighbor seems to have a boat load of so called relatives. Everyone's a cousin or uncle or brother.

But back to my tale of tires.... my daughter offered to take the car and get a couple of like-new used tires. Bless you my child! I was not looking forward to doing that. I'm not sure why, but it wasn't something I wanted to deal with. So now I'm 'back in the saddle again....'

Now I'll rework the budget and see where I stand. Hopefully it won't be too near the edge.
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cat's momma said...

I actually see a difference in the baby from the picture two months ago! Cute pictures and it is cute how the little ones want to help with dishes, etc., at such a young age and then hate it when they get bigger and are asked to clean up.

It's always good to be back in the saddle sgain, eh?