Sunday, June 25, 2006


Five o'clock in the morning. My windows are open trying to get some cool air in the apartment. Two guys come up on the 'common porch' area. They seem to be completely "into" themselves... unaware of their surroundings, not because they are drunk on alcohol but because they are focused on each other. Perhaps doing some kind of mating dance before they go "on the down-low". They are probably 'speeding'... perhaps on crack, who knows.

Even though my flash went off on the camera, they were unaware that I snapped this picture.

They just hung around right in front of my window talking. Then they sat for a few minutes on the steps... talking. Not trying to be quiet. After a bit they came over and knocked on "the neighbor's" door.... he didn't let them in. They then continued to lock eyes and talk to one another. If it had been male and female, I would have been sure it was a mating dance, but you can draw your own conclusion.

"The neighbor" came out twice. I couldn't hear what was said but I'm guessing it was to ask them to move along or to be quiet or both. They barely acknowledged him, but they certainly ignored him.

They continued to hang around and then went upstairs. I could hear them knock, but apparently no one came to the door. (No doubt because people were sleeping or trying to.) They then stood on the stairs.... talking and doing their ? flirting, their mating ritual. At least that's what it appeared to be to me.

All of this made me nervous. I mean, when my window is open its like they are right there in my front room. I called the non-emergency police number to say these people were loitering... that they hadn't done anything against the law (as far as I knew) but it was making me nervous and if there was a patrol car not busy, could they please slowly drive by the apartments. Perhaps that would encourage these two guys to be on their way.

It looked like they were finally walking away but then 'the neighbor' came out and called them back. WTF? Anyway, they managed to get someone upstairs to let them in so when the police officer came by, no one was around.

I'm hoping word spreads that there is someone here who cares about what goes on... a one-person neighborhood watch. However, I am also hoping that they don't know for sure that it is me who calls the cops. They can guess all they want, but guessing and knowing are two different things... up to a point.

I'm tired and cranky now. Not enough sleep. There are days when I want to be crusty and this is one of them.

Oh... like my kewl antenna in the picture? Isn't it just as modern as all get out? One thing fer sure... its not a clothes hanger, although there is some tin foil on the tips. Ya do what you have to do. Besides, it keeps me humble.
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sandy said...

Hi humble the antenna...You do put up with a lot there. I would feel the same way with someone loitering close enough to make it feel like they were in your living room.

The way our driveway is and the house sitting so back on the property, we use to have cars pull up in the front driveway and the people would proceed to "neck" out there. A few times Mike would have to go out and spray a hose toward them...well not really, but he would tell them to leave.

I Am said...

I would feel so intimidated if two guys were talking right at my OPEN window at 5 in the morning... I don't know how you do it...

I had to call the police on my neighbors the other night... It was 11:30 and they apparently have out door speakers near their pool for their inside TV, and the TV was BLARING VERY VERY LOUD. We waited about an hour before we called the police, I assume they told them to turn it down, because in about 15 minutes it got quiet... These are the same people with the dogs that bark all night long...