Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Can you say 'cold' ?

This is a picture of a beautiful bush of red that resides on the corner. The color in the photo is no where near what its like in real life. I think its roses, but I don't know for sure since I didn't go up close.

This morning it is almost cold. Yahoo! I had the windows open for maybe 30 minutes and then thought to myself 'this is silly.... close the windows before you turn blue!' so I did. Excellent sleeping weather. yawn.

The coffee is filtering through the pot and will soon be ready... thoughts of scrambled eggs keeps coming to mind... I'm going to take the hint and go have breakfast. I want to be ready to watch The View at 10am. I want to see what they have to say about Star Jones' announcement yesterday. There are always questions. Was her contract not renewed? Or I guess the term should be 'picked up'... same thing. So was she fired or was it in protest of Rosie's coming to The View. I suspect there was a lot going on behind the scenes in regards to personalities and egos.

(and what do you think about Star's transformation from fatty to skinny? I find I don't recognize her until she speaks. If you are ever a hunted person, either lose or gain a lot of weight and change your hair style. It is the best disguise there is... just remember not to open your mouth or the personality comes out and thats a sure give-away.)

UPDATE: Can you say DIVA DUMP!! Ohmygosh...Barbara Walters put it all out there. I doubt that Star will be working anywhere except perhaps a local gig. When you make a public announcement that a network did not want you any longer...well, baby, that's it. They were willing to keep that private so Star could save face, but Miss Revenge just screwed herself. I can only imagine what happened after yesterday's show that caused them to not have Star on the show at all now. BIG O FIGHT comes to mind. I've heard Star's ego is huge. Perhaps this will help her get back down to earth. (Wonder how long the new hubby will be around with Star being unemployed?)
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I Am said...

Well now you made me upset... I NEVER watch that show, but I do know about it, I've watched it maybe twice... I saw miss Ego, "star" on there, and TODAY OF ALL DAYS... I wasn't feeling well, and went to bed and turned the TV on... I noticed only three people there, and wandered what the deal was... CRAP, now I want DETAILS... What did Star announce yesterday, and what did Barbara say today??? You didn't give me enough info lady!!!

The Crusty Crone said...

Well, here goes....

Yesterday out of the blue Jones said she had an announcement to make. After much soul searching and counsel she had decided to leave the show. Everyone on the show was shocked because they didn't know she was going to do/say it. (Joy, the comedian, responded with 'who will I fight with then?' in a joking manner... but there's truth behind jokes.)

Then this morning on a local talk show here in Portland someone said something about not good to cross Barbara and wondered what the show would be like today. (thats when I knew I'd be watching.)

Barbara started right off to get it out of the way and she was pretty up front about it. Jones had been told some months ago that ABC did not want her and they would not be picking up her contract when it came due. That was so Jones could have time to find another gig ('gig' my wording) and could announce she was leaving The View for another job...thus saving face, as it were. Its the same thing as "persuing other interests". You were fired, baby!

So there was just that quick comment at the beginning of the show and then done with it.

My question was... was it Jones' intention to have that be the last day she would appear, or did Ba Ba say 'don't let the door hit your ass'.

On Regis this morning he made reference to there being a lot of fur flying over there all the time. Someone else (another program) mentioned big egos. We can all read between those lines.

If ABC didn't want her, I figure she's just too high maintenance, thus the Diva Dump! (I should copyright that phrase... like Trump tries to do. But its probably not new.)

Now I'll be sure to watch Leno to catch his joke... maybe there will be something on the news this evening or at least on one of those many entertainment shows.

I think Jones really screwed herself...and I wonder whose "counsel" she was following. If it was hubby's then he needs to shut the F Up. Just my humble and sweet opinion, mind you.

The Crusty Crone said...

Here's a news link about it. I haven't read it yet but it probably explains it better than I did.

I Am said...


Anonymous said...

I read somewhere she was asked by ABC not to come back on the show after her surprise announcement yesterday. UNPLANNED or so they say. I read somewhere long ago that her and Rosie O don't get along. maybe Rosie has been making fun of her new look.
you asked, and I know Star doesn't care but I DO NOT LIKE IT.
It's so glam and phoney, and she seems like a totally new person.
But, if it makes her happy...

I remember when Oprah was overweight (bright moo moos?) and an afro and just plain different. People used to call in and talk or ask questions during the show. She got all glam and "hollywood" too.

Again, if it makes her happy.

Star Jones is a lawyer (by trade) so maybe she has some legal show gigs lined up. I'm sure she knew very well what she was doing before she made the announcement. Barbara W. or not. And, Barbara was there on the show, wasn't she? She had retired from the show and only going to be on now and then.
Star will probably do some legal shows on CNN or something. What is that woman who does that who had plastic surgery and changed HER look? Greta Van something?

People think change is better, but maybe too much change is just too much change.

Like when I saw Kenny Rogers on American Idol, I didn't know it was him till they said so.

Did Leno say anytning about Star? (I'm asking you, I get it 3 hours ahead and it just started (LOL) I have it on from another room and wasn't paying attention.

oh well....

I should get my own blog this is fun rambling on and raving about stuff (LOL)
like I never can read what the screwy word is I have to write in to post, at least the first time. So they give me another one. There's a handicapped icon next to it, maybe if I click that they'll give me an easier one.

~ Carrie

The Crusty Crone said...

I know what you mean about the screwy letters... 'is that a c l or a d?'

Having a blog can be fun or can simply be an outlet... it can be as private as you want (but why) or if you promote yourself on other blogs you can build up readers.

I Am said...

My blog is private, Not that its really private, I don't mind people reading, I just don't want strangers coming on that I don't know... I found out that if you type stuff on the blog like what city you are in, or stuff like that, your blog will show up... I've read a few blogs from The Dalles and i sure don't want anyone from here reading my blog with out me knowing... That seems a bit creepy to me...

So you can set them Carrie anyway you want, and only invite the people you want to read there...

I made mine mainly for family and friends that I don't email or call daily. That way instead of saying, "what's up" and my saying "oh nothing" they can see what I've been up to... My aunts, cousins and friends from out of town never post on my blog, but they email me with comments...

Yeah, you need a blog Carrie...

Ps, I watched all about star on entertainment tonight... Got the whole scoop... I think Star looks better skinny... I think opara looks better skinny, but I sure liked oprahs personailty better when she was a fatty...