Friday, June 02, 2006

Friday June 2, 2006


Bummer... the batteries in the camera were too weak to take pictures of 'my guy.' I knew they were getting low and my fingers were crossed, but to no avail.

He's just growing way too fast. He is also moving into the age where spending the night with gamma is boring. He does get my undivided attention and that helps, but still....

Tonight I watched him play in the water as he brushed his teeth for 45 minutes. If I tried to wander away unnoticed, I would be called back to 'watch gamma, watch.'

We spent some time printing letters...first with the left hand, then with the right. He liked it when I drew a circle face with circle eyes, grinning line mouth, and a dot nose. He liked doing that.

I didn't get him into bed before he fell asleep on the couch. To be honest, I was more than willing to let him sleep on the couch if he would go to sleep easily. I'm not going to try to pick him up and carry him to bed. Couch or bed... its all the same to me. I've got one of my dining room table chairs up against the couch to help keep him from rolling off.

Life is so much easier if I let him do what he wants... up to a point, that is; I am, after all, a bit crusty so don't cross me.
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cat's momma said...

After observing Hunter and Sandy, I totally understand all you said about your little 45 minutes brushing his teeth...hahahahahahaha! Wish you could've gotten a picture of him!

I Am said...

I like seeing pictures of your little guy, I hope you get some batteries soon. Us Grannies gotta stick together and make sure the little ones have plenty of pictures taken of the wee ones so they will have them when they are grown... I maybe have 15 pictures of myself till I was 10 or so... But believe me, my grandkids are going to KNOW what they looked like, (grin)...

sandy said...

Fun, fun, reading all about D and his toothbrushing adventures. I agree, let them do what they want to a point. His Grandpa and I had a discussion last night about giving him a little more leeway with silly little things than he gave the kids. Like if it was late and they wanted to bounce a new big purple ball five more times before bed. Nobody gets hurt if we actually let them bounce it seven.

Wish you would have gotten pics but I know about batteries and how they choose the most inopportune time.

I agree "I am"...gotta get lots of pics for them.