Sunday, June 25, 2006

More pictures

Uh Oh... now I can't remember what photos I included here (I'm using Picasa to upload). Picture of their new house, which has increased $40k in value since its purchase one, maybe two years prior (before the house was even built... they were able to lock in the price early, and got the first pick with the largest yard).

Another picture of the party with most faces turned away... you know, invasion of privacy and all. My SIL is the tall black man in the back. There have been many many people who have scheduled appointments with Ulf, expecting to see a white man of Swedish decent only to be totally surprised when he showed up. And, as I understand it, a few of them made it clear through their reactions that black was not the color they were looking for in an employee. We don't have a clue as to what its really like to be a minority... even though we are becoming one. Perhaps its part of global warming.
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