Tuesday, October 11, 2005

You Go Oprah!!

Oprah's on your trail, sex offender, and she's coming to get you. God bless her. Her dander's up and she's going to get some of the most stupid laws changed. If she isn't able to, then we all need to hang our heads with shame. I can't believe how so many of these sick people currently get out of jail.

And what the hell is up with these stupid female teachers having sexual relations with a student. Stick them in with the male sex offenders, too! Stupid stupid females. But thank god we have viagra so when at least the men get too old to "get it up", there's medical help for them to continue raping.

Okay....oooommmmmmmm ohmmmmmmmm breathe deeply... cool down. Ohmmmmmmmmm.

Onto more mundane things. I decided to have a spur-of-the-moment yard sale. This may be the last decent day, weather wise. I only made one sale, but it made me enough for what I needed. And besides, the day was beautiful and I got to absorb vitimin D from the sun without it being too hot.

About 75% of the houses around here are up for sale. I wonder how many of those decisions were made because the neighborhood is going down hill. Too much drug activity. There's a huge new apartment complex across the street and it looks like someone (or maybe more) living there is selling. Of course, that's just based on skeleton people parking their cars down the side street and walking to the apartment complex. In a little while, back they come and leave. Could be just coincidence. Yeah, right. And I could be a nice person, too. (soft snickering is heard in the background.)

Did you see the msn article about the remains of a 'hobbit-like' person being found? Its not the first one discovered. It made me think of Jean Auel's book, Clan of the Cave Bear. She had two different species of homo sapiens in the book. Then I thought about faries but I think they are suppose to be even smaller. Who knows... certainly not I.

I just have to say it again... What a perfect day this was. Thank you!

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