Thursday, October 27, 2005

Thursday's Thirteen #12

Thursday's Thirteen
Crusty's thirteen morsels

1. I'm still wearing summer sandals. They are more comfortable than 'regular' shoes.

2. When possible, I buy mens sandals. They fit better since I have a wide foot. They are usually cheaper, too.

3. I need to have some work done on the car brakes but my dracma's are disappearing too fast.

4. I need to get my drivers license renewed. I am currently expired. I'm at that age where I have to take a vision test each time the license is up for renewing. My depth perception is not as good as it use to me, but I don't think it will be a problem. Not yet, anyway.

5. I don't understand how off-spring can turn out so differently when they all come from the same parents and environment. My last daughter makes some really poor choices in her life. I'm afraid she has a ghetto mentality. I hope she doesn't mess up her life too badly, but I know she'll never be able to buy anything on credit. She's about to find herself homeless and there's nothing I can do for her. She's made this happen all by herself. And of course, I don't know nothing and I am not to say anything logical to her. She doesn't want to hear it. Sigh

6. I don't want to end up raising said daughter's two boys. I will, of course, if its necessary, but I don't have the energy it takes.

7. Here's a site that can help you waste an afternoon. If you like to watch dancing, here's the place: click here and be sure to have your sound on... just move your cursor around.

8. Ooops. Number 7 wasn't about me.

9. Time flies by so quickly... I can't believe its Thursday already. Still not about me. hmmmmmmm

10. I went to a fat woman's store yesterday to buy some clothes. They didn't carry my size. Gasp!

11. I get to experience buying from a catalog. It will be my first time.

12. The more I'm forced to move (as in move my body) the better I feel. Yesterday when I went to the mall I ended up parking at one end and having to walk to the other end. It wasn't done on purpose, but it was beneficial.

13. I'm feeling restless. I may take myself to a book store to spend a few hours looking around.

Here's Leanne's thirteen and she adds the links to everyone else who is partaking. I'm a bit on the lazy side and don't keep coming back in here to add others' links. Sorry, nothing personal.

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