Monday, October 10, 2005

Protection from the Protectors Needed

Who would want to go to New Orleans? I mean under normal circumstances... no hurricanes or flooding. I guess one way of looking at it is the police hold a tight rein on the public. No public intoxication allowed. On Bourbon Street no less. I thought that was the draw for the French Quarter... get down and get drunk on your drug of choice. However, it looks like the upstanding police department isn't going to allow it. They will beat you and beat you hard. And we all know how dangerous an intoxicated 64 yr old overweight man can be. The really sad part of the police beating is that it happens all over, not just in New Orleans or LA.

Police said Davis, 64, of New Orleans, was booked on public intoxication, resisting arrest, battery on a police officer and public intimidation. He was treated at a hospital and released into police custody.

Resisting arrest... that probably came as he tried to keep his leg from being broken by one of the "officers" or because he tried not to fall flat on his face as they dragged him down. Those intoxicated guys can be really fast on their feet. And 'battery on a police officer'.... I bet it was because his head bounced off the cement wall too far and it touched an officer's fist. He should have known not to let his head bounce, drunk or not. But I couldn't see anything resembling public intimidation. Maybe he mumbled something along the lines of 'watch out, I'm falling on you' just to scare them.

"...the department, long plagued by allegations of brutality and corruption..."

My question still stands..... why would anyone want to go to New Orleans?

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