Monday, October 31, 2005

Blustery Blustery Day

Its one of those blustery days that pushes the rain down under your collar and flicks the umbrella inside out in a nano second. The rain gods laugh at us, at our pitiful attempts to keep dry. "There is no DRY!"

We have spots of power outages thoughout the valley, trees down, leaves ripped from their branches before their time. Great excuses to go into work late. "My power was off...I didn't know what time it was." "A tree blocked my driveway and I couldn't get out." I've got a lot of them. If you need one, let me know.

Poor little gremlins and ghosts will be disappointed. I suspect many will not be able to go 'trick or treating' tonight. Parents might be grumbling a little, too... no chocolate for them, either. Well... unless they've stocked up for themselves.

Its so cozy in my new apartment. It feels like its time to get a second cup o coffee, cozy up on the couch with the fleece blanket, and mentally dance in my head "I don't have to go to work...I don't have to go out into the wind and rain. nanana na na na... neeener neener neeener." (I have met one of my goals... to be able to stay at home during bad weather and NOT have to come up with a, er...hmmm, 'story' about why I can't come to work.)

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Leanne said...

Cute sketch! Did you do that?!

It's gloomy here, sortof warm, and not raining. Yippeee, I get to go trick or treating tonight. Yahoo. :P~

The Crusty Crone said...

uh oh... I see an attitude sticking out from under your witches broom. There won't be many kids out tonight...just too much rain and wind.

Yes, I did the doodle but I got the umbrella upside down. "Singing in the Rain... Just singing in the Rain. What a wonderful feeling... I'm happy again". I get carried away some times.