Wednesday, October 12, 2005

What The *Bleep*

What The *#$& Do We Know... I missed seeing it in the theatre. For full effect, it needs a huge screen with the sound so loud it makes your liver quiver. A day late and a dollar short, again. What can I say....

I just got done viewing it on my pc. I don't have a DVD player which is okay cause my TV isn't all that great anyway. I'm just glad my pc has a DVD player in it.

Have you seen it? If not, I highly recommend it... and if you are at all curious about the world and how everything works (some of which are theories) you will probably want to view it several times. I have not yet viewed the special features so perhaps more suprises await. I'll watch it tomorrow.

Imagine my surprise when I began seeing Portland in the background. "Hey...Hillsboro...Goose Hollow?!? This must have been filmed in Portland!" Duh, I'm real quick that way. The city looked very beautiful. Shots of the Willamette River and the skyscrapers beyond... the water fountains in Tom McCall Water Front Park... the Hawthorne Bridge... the Max mass transit system... the South Park blocks... the Bagdad Theater on Hawthorne street. None of the dirt showed anywhere. Some of it might have been filmed in other cities as well. I didn't recognize some of the backgrounds, but I don't know every nook and cranny around here... or even there.

I don't want to speak about the film message because I need to view it several more times. There are many things that I can't wrap my mind around yet. And there were other comments that made me think 'hey...that's just what I was thinking!'

I was pleasantly surprised to see the credits at the end of the film scrolling slow enough so that you could actually read them. Many 'knowledgable' people spoke, including Ramtha. (JZ looks like she might have had some plastic done... I'd like to see an older photo of her to compare... Just out of curiousity, of course. She was always beautiful, however.) I found it interesting that Ramtha was billed as the authority and JZ's name was listed after... 'channeled by JZ Knight'. To me its a sign of growth when the non-physical entity(s) is acknowledged as the presenter. The credits also stated that many of the "authorities" did not necessarily agree with each other and/or the message of the film. Say it boldly, say it proud. Don't hide the fact.

The actress is deaf. I noticed her ears were on the large size, or at least they looked large in certain scenes. I found it ironic. *Note added later: upon second viewing I see that the ear was being exaggerated on purpose by film makers.

Anyway... just touting the film long after its time. Maybe you needed a reminder that you wanted to see it, too. Your welcome.

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