Thursday, October 06, 2005

Thursday's Thirteen #9

Thursday's Thirteen
13 Morsels About The Crusty Crone

1. Its 7:21am here and Leanne's list already has three other bloggers' links posted. What time to they get up... 3am? I think Leanne and I are in the same time zone.....

2. My daughter and I had a quick "head-butt" yesterday but soothed it over later in the day with both of us seeing the other person's point of view. It doesn't change the situation any but at least we each acknowledged the other.

3. The situation is/was over my daughter acting like she has a car when she doesn't. She drives mine like it belongs to her. I'm trying to help the car last a decade without major maintenance by using it sparingly and she's driving it as though its suppose to be driven every day. Both every valid perspectives.

4. Do I want to be happy or do I want to be right? I want both! Guess I'll settle for happy and let go. The guilt of being 'mean' doesn't feel good. The idea of ending up walking to the grocery store doesn't feel good either, though. Sigh.

5. Thursday's are my best TV night. There's Oregon Art Beat followed by The Apprentice.

6. I purposely stay away from murder/crime tv shows. This means I often am watching very stupid sit-coms, but that's okay with me.

7. I use to like the Today Show but lately Katie Couric gets on my nerves. Someone must have told her to put words in people's mouths and to "juice it up". She's becoming Charlie Rose.

8. I bought some needles and thread for mending. The mending still waits for me.

9. I wanted to have a small yard sale but the weather isn't cooperating. Maybe this Sunday.

10. Sometimes my snoring wakes me up.

11. I usually sleep five hours a night and relish naps during the day. (notice the 's'?)

12. I use to be able to nap at work during lunch time. I'd close the door to my office, put my feet up on the desk, and get a cat nap in... it was very refreshing. If the weather was nice I would go to my car for the nap. Its nice to be able to sleep wherever you want.

13. I'm out of Nag Champa incense. Not good. I've been using some air fresheners I got from the Dollar Store... that will gag you!


Leanne said...

I'm on CST, are you Pacific? (My blog shows my server time, so I get alll confused!)

Katic Couric makes me CRAZY. I liked her for all of 5 minutes before the lipstic on her teeth made me want to throw up. And how she basically shuts up her guests after asking them a question so she can speak for them (I think that's what you're talking about?) - ugh. I hate news. It's always bad, anyway! :P

I'd like to thank you, too. You're playing Thursday's exactly how I had it played out in my head, linking everybody, visiting everybody you can find, that's awesome!! Thank you!!!

InterstellarLass said...

Ah, naps with an 's'. I wish I could get in a few of those. I used to like Katie too. Now she looks plastic. Here's my 13.

E said...

I want naps with an "s"! My 13 is up, too....

MommaK said...

You're lucky you can take naps. I alwasy wake up with a headache so I quit trying.

I get up at 6 and usually post before the kids wake up. I need some time alone with my computer and my coffee.

Great list:)

Angie said...

I do not like Katie at all. I am so lucky my daughter hates to drive. Thanks for visiting! :-)

Some days I write more than one post and save them for times when I am lacking. I do get up at 4am with my husband to see him off to work. Sometimes I go back to bed till 6:45. I post early when the house is quiet.

UziCue said...

Thanks for coming by. Here's my list: