Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I splurged.....

I just got back from "creative grocery shopping". Time will tell about how creative I was, but it was a good trip. I did splurge and get some coffee and one box of my favorite coffee flavoring. So I'll have my spendy coffee while supping on two cases of Top Ramen noodles. Bwah ha ha ha ha

I got the refrigerator cleaned and it didn't take a lot of effort. Its an old clunker but it seems to continue on and on.

I dropped off the rent check while I was out and asked the secretary how much longer it was going to be before the two neighbors (both apts. have crack addicts living there) have to move. She didn't know about one of them, but the other apt. folks are going to fight the eviction. (They are probably thinking it will give them a little more time.) These are the worse ones of the two... strange people milling around all day and night, arguments every day and a lot of nights. There's broken glass and trash all over the street from their cronies. People going to the front door and the back door...boxes of belongings stacked up against the back wall... people trying to sell you things that you just know they stole. Right now there's stomping going on that shakes the floors to all of the apts here (six of them). The man and woman who rented the apt started off with having a older car for her to drive and a flatbed truck for the guy. First the car was towed away and then the truck seemed to be gone. I don't wish them bad things, but I don't want to live around them and I was here first.

My grandson Darius had his second birthday Sunday. And all the parents survived having a gazillion kids in a small apt. All the kids sat around the table while the cake was brought out. One candle in the shape of a two was lit. Darius' eyes went wide as he saw it and then he started patting the table in front of him. 'Put it here...right here in front of me!' But he got all shy and covered his face when the birthday song was sung. And he did an excellent job of blowing the candle out. oh..and an excellent job opening up his presents, too. Good thing his mom bought him two things cause a lot of the folks didn't bring anything except their appetites. He had a blast, though. All those kids to play with... he was in heaven.

One moment he's a little sweetheart doing something nice...like running to give me a hug when I arrived. (birthday was at a friend's place) Then the next moment he might throw something at you. Luckily he's still a weak thrower and his aim sucks. I hope his mom makes it through his teen years.

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Is it any wonder we're confused?

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