Monday, August 10, 2009

Why We Need Artists

The other morning the sun was hitting some blossoms which made them jump out at me, so I took a picture.
They don't jump in the photograph. That's why we will always need art. As good as a camera and a photographer may be, there are things that will some time demand an artist's interpretation in order for us to get the full impact.

Do you use incense? If so, here's an alert.... DO NOT BUY THIS BRAND. IT SUCKS. No matter how cheap it may be, it will still smell like a stick is burning.

I mean strawberry is the ace up the sleeve...the fragrance most likely to smell okay. If a company can't make decent smelling strawberry incense, then it can't make decent smelling patcholli, either!

SURPRISE! Not much going on here... but the weather is cooler. A bit muggy, but cooler, nonetheless.
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Brenda said...

I love white flowers and the photo is very pretty. I can't do incense and things with smells. I have some kind of smell disorder, that doesn't have a scientific name that I know of. Perfumes, air fresheners, etc..etc....they make me really crabby and give me a headache. I used to love good! I need a cure.

Wanda said...

I've never used incense, but I do like sented candles.

I had one at Christmas that smelled just like hot apple cider.

Glad your weather is cooler!

Rosy said...

Our days also been getting a bit more cooler which I think is not in the norm for us here in Southern Califorina for this time of year.

Thanks for the warning on that brand of incense, I normally do not buy incense in a package though, just by the sticks at the health food store and have had great luck purchasing them that way. I also buy cones as well as scented candles.