Wednesday, August 12, 2009


 We have rain, ladies and gentlemen...actual rain, with a lot of fender benders to prove it.

Photo courtesy of Public Domain Photo.

We haven't had any measurable amount of rain in a month. This smells and feels GREAT! I guess it took a while for my naked rain dance to kick in, but apparently it worked!! (It helps to do the dance in rain-prone areas.)
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Rudee said...

We've had all of the rain you've missed. I hope you get it in small doses and not torrents that cause problems for the hardened ground. Enjoy!

Thanks for the naked rain dance visual!

cat's momma said...

I'm jealous! However, I've heard something about El Nino coming into play this year, so we could be in for substantial rain if it's true.

Sandy said...

Well that is just so "wet"...great for you and hope we get hit big time with el nino this year because we soooo need the rain.

Brenda said...

haha....naked rain dance. It worked!!!