Thursday, August 27, 2009

Refrigerator Art

When I was watching grandson Vyron he did some portraits... mostly by imagination.

Below is gramma. It made me think of Picasso's method of combining frontal and profile view points at the same time. I also noticed I'm the only one that got any fingers. snicker.

Below is his self-portrait. It was very important, in the name of Realism, that he add the red stripes on his shirt.

'Mom' dances below. I think the artist captured a very real essense in this portrait. To me it looks like the artist used the number 8 for mom's eyes. 8 balls. And mom IS a bit harried and feeling a bit behind the 8 ball right now. Mom is also off balance, which could be reflecting her current and temporary changes taking place. How intuitive!

The artist has declined commissions saying "It just takes too much of my free-flowing creativity away."

(sorry about the quality of the pictures. I was rushed. The gallery did not allow photographs so I had to take these on the QT.)
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Sandy said...

I loved seeing his work. Very interpretative and so fun to see this budding intuitive artist! Share more anytime I'll be watching.

Wanda said...

How fun ~~~
These were so fun to see and with your narative, perfect.

I did a quick watercolor wash of Rosy's Sleeping Fairy... Boy am I rusty... Got to start painting daily....!!!

Will post it tomorrow. I linked it back to you and rosy. Wanted people to see your great rendition of The Sleeping Fairy.

Hope things are not to hectic with your daughter and grandchildren...have they moved in yet?

Love ya

Patricia said...

It's fun to look at kid's work. I read a book once that showed their different development could tell the artist's age by what they included in the drawing, like your fingers...I wish I had kept the book.

Rosy said...

Aaaaaaaahhhh Soooooo Cute!

I have always adore children art as well.

Sue J said...

I LOve kids' artwork. My fridge always displays something that one of them has done for me. I have a couple of framed pieces on the wall too - a motorbike that my eldest grandson drew and also a butterfly that he made at kindy.