Monday, August 17, 2009

Waste Not, Want Not.... sort of

Toothpaste is not something I buy often. One tube lasts me a very long time, so 'get toothpaste' does not normally swing in the back of my mind. I would forget to pick up a tube when I went shopping. So often, that I ended up with this, below:


I had to take a box cutter and open the tube WAAAAY up to get anything hinting of toothpaste. I think I got it pretty cleaned out. About the only thing left now, is the fragrance.

One might think that getting toothpaste would be in the front of the list of things to do, but in no way did I remember on my own to get any when I was at the store yesterday. Thankfully, as I stood in the check-out line (feeling smug at getting the shopping done) I noticed a display case. It was full of toothpaste tubes. And, snicker, they were on sale. Not just a penny off, but it was almost half-priced!!

Only once did I wonder why they were being sold so cheaply. I brushed the thought away and picked up a tube. Who knows how long it might have taken, had I NOT grabbed a tube when the opportunity presented itself.

oh... and by the way, the cloth used in the photo is a ShamWow accidently got in the dryer and now all its little micro fibers to catch liquid are melded together. Its now just a piece of felt.
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Sandy said...

Enjoyed your tale about the toothpaste and getting that last little drop out..been there for sure... I'm amazed at how I always forget things at the store. Could be because I never shop anymore, that's M's job. He likes to look for bargains.

Wanda said...

Oh CC you are funny! I got a kick out of your toothpaste story. In a moment of insanity, I bought toothpaste at Costco.... Now I have enough toothpast to leave some in my will for the great grandchildren.
Let me know when you run out again and I'll send you a tube (hahaha)

LOL Wanda (smiling with white teeth)

Oh...your sad!

Brenda said...

Haha....been there done that.

Rosy said...

Wow when you get the tad bit of little toothpaste you surely go for it too! "Oh dear! You now now have a whole new meaning to your ShamWow. By the way how did it work out before you washed it accidentally?

cat's momma said...

One of my quirks is to not open a new tube of toothpaste until I have gotten the very last drop out of the tube. Always been like that.