Friday, August 21, 2009

I'm Here to Rave a Bit!

I've been checking out artist Myrna Wacknov's sites. I LOVE HER WORK!! Check her out.

(ADDED LATER: I think I must have gotten Myrna's link from Sandy's sidebar. I just saw it there. Must give credit where due...sorry I didn't include this in original post.)

She has both a website and a blog. I'm currently in the process of reading her blog, Creativity Journal, from the beginning forward. She shares her experiences and methods. For example, I just got done reading/looking at her experiment with using a tennis ball as a tool. I'm pretty sure I would not have thought to try a tennis ball...but there ya go. Myrna shares how it was using a tennis ball with graphite, charcoal, etc. Who knew?! (00)

I love her art, too. Loose, expressive, energized. (On her web site there is a pull-down menu to select which gallery you want to see. It took me a minute to notice it, but I haven't had my first coffee yet.) If you would to ever wonder what my particular favorite 'style of art' is, this would be it. One of them for sure.


Sandy said...

I checked those out. She is wonderful and surely inspires me to attain that kind of

Wanda said...

Wow ~~ She is one talented woman, and the variety of her work outstanding.... And right now, I don't have a thing in the works...I need to get motivated, really !!
Thanks for the link...that helps.