Monday, August 24, 2009

Rosy's Art Challenge Response

Check out Rosy's art challenge here. She gave us three photographes to chose from... I picked two.

The Sleepy Fairy is what Rosy called her picture. Please note, it was her idea to not have any eyebrows... my idea was the pointy ears. (although I think it looks intriguing.) To help the Sleepy Fairy perk up, I tinted the background using coffee. Starbucks.

I did a contour drawing of Rosy's mother.

My apologies to her mother. The only thing Rosy's mother and this drawing have in common is that the ladies are both wearing glasses. The similarities end there. This one was done on 5 x 7 watercolor paper.

It was a fun challenge and I was reminded of a rule of art... always use the right equipment for the job. I should have used watercolor paper for the Sleepy Fairy. Instead I used cardstock. Basic. Doh!
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Rudee said...

Use of the coffee is intriguing.

Patricia said...

contour drawings are fun to do...The Sleepy Fairy is darling...I have to laugh at myself because I didn't know her photo was one of the contest's choices...I started with the plant as the first one...duh

Brenda said...

Well...I like both of them. Now I need to head over to see Rosy's.

Rosy said...

Ha Ha Hey I like my new look! Especially the long finger nails and pointy ears! Coffee? I know what to do with left over coffee instead of tossing it down the drain, thanks for the tip on that one.

Yup Card Stock is just not so great when it comes to watercoloring.

I also like my mom as well...they are both great! Thank you for excepting my art challenge. :)

cat's momma said...

Wow, good job, especially on the Rosie fairy!

Sandy said...

Love the Rosie fairy good job!

Wanda said...

The sleepy fairy is wonderful. You can't lose with Starbucks...great background...Was that regular, or a latte?

I know it past the deadline, but I think I'll try something with the sleepy fairy.

Good job!