Monday, December 01, 2008

The Day After

This is my day after, my recup day. The day I pull myself back together after having entertained one of life's natural energy bursts... the day after watching my two grandsons for the night. Some day afters are needed more than others. This was a pretty good sleepover. The boys were nice. They were nice to me and amazingly nice to each other. Go me!

 "My gramma lets us jump on the bed!! We love my gramma. Watch me. Watch how high I can jump."

 "Gramma, watch. Here's a Running-Belly-Flop..." (I think its a name of a wrestling move.)

 The pile of rubble after the wrestling match. They had a lot of fun and there was no permanent damage.
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cat's momma said...

Hahahaha...nothing like being allowed to jump on a bed! Looks like they were having lots of fun!

Brenda said...

They look very close in age. Jumping on the bed never hurt anyone. Did Gramma join in? Ha!

Rudee said...

If I ever get the opportunity to snuggle and spoil grandchildren, they'll be sadly disappointed in the unbouncability of my bed. Nothing budges on a Tempur-pedic. Those boys are so cute CC.

Wanda said...

Oh my goodness CC, what a fun grandma you are.

My Jon Jon and Nick would love to come spend a night. When would be a good time for you??? :)

Love and Hugs

Sandy said...

Wonderful cute and I bet they had fun with you. Yeah...did you jump on the bed too...

The Crusty Crone said...

"My Jon Jon and Nick would love to come spend a night. When would be a good time for you???"

My goodness, Wanda... ya had me spewing coffee outta my nose!

(and 'no' Sandy... I did not jump on the bed. What a horrible sight that would have been!!)

BJ said...

CC - you always make me laugh!!!!!

The thought of you jumping on the bed made me do one of those "dry snorts" that we talked about earlier. And I had visions of you bouncy bouncing.......

The boys are just as cute as ever. No wonder they love to come and stay with grandma! You let them jump on the bed. You're one of the nice grandma's......I never let the grandkids do that. You see....I'm always afraid that something will happen when they are in my care and my kids would be afraid to let them come over again. I'm a worry wart!!!!!!