Monday, December 15, 2008


PhotobucketThis picture is from last year. We got snow here yesterday, but not as much as what this picture shows. But you know what? Its cold as hell here!!! And the fun part is that it is suppose to last forever. Well, at least thru the WHOLE week.

Later in the week, we might get some freezing rain. YaHoo!

So... I'm stuck here in the apartment which is fine, but my smoke alarm has started going off to indicate the battery needs to be changed. And me without a battery. And I'm too short to reach the alarm on the ceiling. I'll be waiting for my American Ingenuity to kick in with some kind of solution. I'll let you know. If nothing comes to mind, I have my hammer and I'm not above smashing the hell outta the alarm to get it to stop beeping at me. If I can get it off the ceiling. How long can you keep hitting the reset button to stop it from beeping? Anyone know?

I can't believe its been a whole week since I've updated the blog, but when you don't have anything to say, I guess you just don't have anything to say. Know what I mean?


Sue J said...

The battery warning signal always seems to start in the middle of the night and the beeps are just far enough apart to become really annoying. I suppose that's the idea. Can you drag a table to where it is so you can reach it? I'm a short-arse so I've always had to lateral think things. I find tables are more stable than steps.

Anonymous said...

I say use the hammer.

Mine started acting up two nights ago...beeped for three hours in the middle of the night but then stopped on its' own.


i kept trying to post that to you but it wouldn't go through


Anonymous said...

ps....such a cute you had snow last year.....

Rosy said...

You think your cold...I just heard that it got down to 34 below in some little place in Montana...NOW THAT IS COLD! And to think I thought today was cold here in San Diego.

Cute picture, full of smiles gave me the giggles just looking at him. Great Picture

The Crusty Crone said...

How weird that Sandy's alarm went off too. I kind of feel like a dunce, but I'm beginning to think hitting the reset button does not stop the alarm from beeping when the battery is drained. I think there's a built in sequencing in it. It starts off with a single beep every couple of days. ("what was that noise?? Where did it come from??") and progresses from there in length of beeping.

I say this because I hit that reset/test button a LOT and it didn't stop beeping until a few minutes later. I don't think it was anything I did.

I've been wondering for months when the batteries would be going out. I've been here about three years. That seems like a real long time for the batteries to last.

I'm so glad its taken care of... a simple task if you are able to physically do it, a big headache if you're not.

BJ said...

The picture of your little one is so cute! I bet the boy's really love the snow.

Those darn alarms......I love what you said about not being above smashing the thing to pieces!!!! Honestly, I'm not a violent person....but that just cracked me up!!!!

I know that this probably wasn't what I was supposed to do....but when those alarms go off in the middle of the night....and you aren't sure if you've heard right or not....drift off to sleep again and the same things son has taken the batteries out but even with the batteries out, ours would eventually start that noise again.

BTW - thanks for the laugh!