Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sales to Die For

You've heard about the employee who got trampled to death by shoppers? People have lost their minds. Or else their minds are terribly difficient to begin with.

I want to point my finger of blame somewhere. First, it goes to human stupidity and greed. "Gotta run into the store to get to the best sale first. Can't let Suzie Q over there get ahead of me!!" Second, it goes to the store management for possible set-up. Having only four TVs listed at a "killer price" (sorry) in a well populated community is not a wise decision. (that was just a made up example, BTW.) Not unless you work out a method of distribution that will keep the crowd at bay. But the biggest finger of blame goes to the media. TV News in particular. They hype this holiday rush to spend money all out of proportions and (bleep) people believe it.

I feel so badly for the family of the employee. How hard it must be to think your loved one died because people were running to spend their money and wouldn't stop for anything. This makes even less sense than Xtreme Sports.


Brenda said...

I just heard about this a little while ago. Unbelievable, and very sad. This does NOT help me get into the Christmas spirit. The media is to blame for so many things many times. You always hear about the argument of "We just give the people what they want". Hmmmm..really media people??!?!?

cat's momma said...

I like your label on this. That's exactly what it murder!