Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cup of Coffee

 A couple of cups from the imagination. 5"x7" transparent watercolor, ink. I didn't realize the one was sitting crooked thus the picture is slanted. Sorry bout that.

I wanted to get something up... anything artsy up. Lets start the year off right.

I'm focused on cleaning the apartment today. I'm also going to bake a chocolate cake (the easy way... outta a box.) The two grandkids will be over tonight and I wanted a treat for them. Something that says "gramma bought a box of cake!" (I should find me an apron next time I go thrifting. What says gramma more than an apron.)
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cat's momma said...

Yum, chocolate cake! I hope you enjoy the boys' visit and good for you getting some painting done! I'm a slacker lately in that department.

New, fresh year tomorrow...hope the year is good for you and good to you!

Sandy said...

Happy new year the cups but specially that second one, beautiful!

Sandy said...

add: Yes an apron! I actually wore one a few times when the kids were little. I tried on "domesticated" to see if I liked it, ...I didn't..

have fun..

Brenda said...

Your cups look warm and yummy. Cake in a box is great. Especially chocolate! Happy New Year CC!

Wanda said...

Love the look of the teacup with flowers... Wish we could have that cup together...

BTW send me your address and I'll send you an apron "Gramma" ~~ I have a drawer full!!

My famous choc. cake is from that famous role model of mine Betty Crocker!!! She makes a good frosting too.

Love and Hugs... You have made my day so many times with your interesting, funny and amusing posts ~~~ Also you inspire me to get painting in 2009!

The Crusty Crone said...

Oh Wanda... You're such a generous person. Truthfully, an apron would be wasted on me, but I appreciate the thought. Thank you.

(I could pick up an apron at a thrift store for less than what the postage would probably be.)

Lynette said...

I've enjoyed your creative artwork. I think it's neat that you scan it and post it. Thanks for coming by my blog and commenting. I appreciate it.