Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snow Snow, Go Away

Little Crusty wants to play!

Its been over a week of snow and its getting really boring. Cabin feverish. And today we are waiting for our big ice storm, but the weather system is a slow moving one. Ice brings down power lines, and generally sucks big time.

One of our hospitals is located on a hill (low mountain) and they have staff living there, sleeping in patient rooms, etc. Lots of staff can't make it in and staff already there are safer just staying put.

Early this morning a guy started across one of our bridges going the wrong way. When he swerved to miss on coming traffic he went over the side of the bridge (the part still over land) and dropped nose first about 40 feet. No injuries. Based on the fact that it happened at 3am, he was going the wrong way, and he had no injuries, I'm betting that he was drunk.

Its beginning to get boring. I might even end up doing some kind of housework just for a change the pace. Gasp. Just kidding.


Sandy said...

Well....if not housework how about a little art...I hope you don't lose power in the ice storm. Are you fully supplied and ready to wait out the weather I hope..

The Crusty Crone said...

I'm stocked for several more days and then it gets tight... but I've got almost a full case of Top Ramen Noodles so I'm good. (My emergency stash)

I've thought about doing some art too. That's what I'm best at... thinking about it. :(

Speaking of art, I'm scheduled to start giving one of my grand daughter's art lessons. (#2's middle daughter...sixth grade I think.) It will start after the new year begins. I'm not sure of how much natural talent she has, but she's not lost interest in it over the years so I'm a little excited about it. I will be recommending that she take "real" art lessons somewhere when we're done.

cat's momma said...

I'm watching CNN and they're focusing on Portland right now. Sounds like a lot of wind is coming your way too and then our way. I sure hope you do not lose power! Hang on tight!!

I think it's cool you're going to be giving art lessons to one of your granddaughters. I hope she surprises you with some talent that neither your nor she knew she had!