Saturday, December 27, 2008



Asperagus. Done a while ago and previously posted. I wanted it hung.

You may have seen this effect on other blogs. You can go here to do one yourself. (first option "museums")

I'm still stuck inside the apartment waiting for the snow and ice to melt. There is light at the end of the tunnel because its warmed up and the snow is beginning to leave. Main roads are semi clear but the side streets are still a mess... along with the sidewalks. (Now they're saying there's a gas shortage because the tankers haven't been able to deliver anything.)

Its been almost two weeks since first 'stranded' inside. If you add the previous week that my daughter borrowed my car... its three weeks of being cooped up. I've napped myself silly. I'm down to Top Ramen Noodles and/or white rice. I need to get to the store soon.

I have no 'winter gear' because its not suppose to get so 'wintery' here. (DO YOU HEAR THAT, MOTHER NATURE... NO MIDWEST SNOW STORMS HERE!!) I wear sandals and I do not want to be walking in the slushy snow in them. The old toes get cold.

If I don't make it to the store today (after I get my car back), surely by tomorrow it will happen.
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Rudee said...

It must be maddening. I hope you're able to get out soon and get some boots. THis time of year, I forget what my sandals look like.

Sandy said...

Wow, love your asparagus hung!! Looks beautiful! Now, you've had all this "down" time and you're not doing any art...whassup with that??

I sure hope you get lots of melting snow and can get out and get some shopping done. have to get some warm shoes soon in case another storm comes in!

I feel for ya, big time.

The Crusty Crone said...

The crone hangs her head. "I know, I know... whazzup with doing no art work. Sigh. I just don't understand me... I'm missing some internal parts or something."

However, even if I had done some my camera isn't functioning right now so I couldn't show anything anyway.

Okay, damn it... I'm going to visit just two more blogs and then I'm gonna get up and do something art wise.

cat's momma said...

I love your asparagus painting hanging in the museum! I had forgotten that that could be done. It's so cool.

Brenda said...

The art work I have seen of yours since I have been visiting you is really great stuff. I am surprised also, if the weather is unbearable you are not drawing. But I know sometimes when the weather is crappy I don't feel like doing anything either.