Saturday, December 06, 2008

Christmas Cactus

 This is a picture of my friend's Christmas Cactus and it was taken about a month ago. A little early for Christmas but pretty good timing for Thanksgiving.

She said it has never bloomed this much before and it was a surprise. My friend had an emergency surgery and was hospitalized for about a week. When she came home from the hospital this plant was just one big batch of red blooms. She took it as a good omen.

I caught part of the Oprah show yesterday. It was about selecting winners of a 'decorate it yourself' contest. I live in a different world. Not better, not worse, just different. One lady excitedly told how she found and got her woven dining room chairs. (They were cool.) And the eight of them only cost her $1200. "They were only $150 each!"


Well, for $1200 they should be cool.

Like I said... just different worlds, different priorities. I bet I don't get as stressed as she does, although I do have my moments.

The next decorating contest Oprah should have is where nothing cost over $40. Now there's a challenge.

I can't seem to get moving today. Its cold out, but the sun is shining. I should be jumping all over the place but..... sigh. Things in motion tend to stay in motion and that's my challenge for the day. To move.
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Brenda said...

That Christmas Cactus picture looks like it is begging to be painted or sketched. My Mom used to love those plants. I am with you on the decorating shows. Sometimes I don't even think the makeovers, weather or not it is hair, clothes or rooms even look all that much better. Sometimes they do though. I just watch them occasionally to see if I can learn something.

cat's momma said...

So did you ever move today? ;)

That is one pretty the color of the blooms!

The Crusty Crone said...

Did I ever move? Well, I moved from the pc to the couch. That counts.

BJ said...

What a beautiful Christmas cactus! Such a pretty color. I love them......I used to have one.....white with a tinge of pink in the middle. Had it for many years.....but we had a fire in our house....and I think the smoke did it in. It never got its beauty back after that and I eventually had to throw it out. Sigh....

Sandy said...

My cactus (I have two of them) are blooming right now. I'll have to take pics tomorrow.

enjoyed my catch up here and will check out those links above, later when I get a chance.

Sue J said...

I'm like you - very low maintenance. Shopping does very little for me. The up-side is I don't have any debts and can sleep soundly at night :))