Saturday, December 27, 2008

Trying to Entice Xelander here

This is an attempt to get youtuber Xelander here so I can tell him how much I am enjoying his youtube videos. He has quite a large fan base so he may not backtrack all the links, etc.

I searched for an email address but did not see one. I was going to leave a message for him on youtube, but I would have had to sign up and since I won't be posting any videos there I thought it wouldn't be right to take up space. This is my alternative attempt. And if he doesn't see it, no big deal. He's got plenty of fans.

Here is the latest video I just watched which cracked me up:

He's funny. He is also an American in England. I came across him while watching some of atree3's videos. In one of her videos she talks about getting beatup by him. (00) WTF? was my first response. I then had to track through several videos to finally understand it was all in fun.

In any event, Xelander... I am really enjoying your videos. Did I mention that already? Thanks for posting them.

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cat's momma said...

Too funny!