Sunday, December 21, 2008

Freezing Rain Now

We're now having freezing rain and associated power outages and trees falling into houses in some areas. Poor travelers. Stranded.

The weather people are saying we may not get out of this mess until next weekend.

I'd post some pictures but my camera is not functioning right now.

The news stations continue to broadcast storm coverage. If you'd like to see some of the broadcast go to and look for the "live coverage" link. I tried it, but it took too long to come up (my pc works slowly sometimes), but it may work for you. They've got reporters all over and they show cam shots from various spots.

I wonder how long it will be before I start blubbering 'bu bu bububu bubububu bu bu' like Golden Hawn did in the movie Overboard.


Wanda said...

First of all I died laughing at your Christmas Cookie Recipe. You've got a good one indeed...Now I just need to find that $10 bill.

I feel for you in the freezing weather. What I think is cold in Southern CA but be something to wink at. In fact today I took pictures of Pansies in the sunshine in front of CoCo's after my hubby took me out to lunch.

Stay warm friend.... Overboard was a cute movie.... bubububububub

Brenda said...

Oh, be careful. Freezing rain is nothing to take lightly when you try to walk or drive on it. A friend of ours just had 5 stitches in her head from the last freeze we had.

Rudee said...

It'll be 5 below zero in Detroit tonight. I have no idea where I put my under armour long johns, but I need to find them by tomorrow afternoon! I didn't go out in that cold today either. It's horrible out there but toasty inside. I hope you don't lose power!

At Detroit Metro airport, baggage handlers couldn't unload the planes because of frostbite. Passengers were ready to riot because they couldn't get their luggage and all their gifts so they could go home.

Stay warm CC.