Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Honeymoon's Over

I knew this day would come, even as I kept trying to push it back. But... its here. The day when my darling 5 yr old grandson turned into a boy. No longer a baby. No longer a sweetpie. Now he's a demanding, obnoxious .... boy.

Gone are the days when I heard "Yes, gramma." or "Thank you, gramma." Now all I get is "I TOLD YOU... I want it this way! And I want it NOW!"

The little nose-picker looks like he's here to stay. He likes to work with his hands and tools now. Tearing things apart. Scratching the furniture as he struggles with a pair of pliers to dismantle the coffee table. Jumping on the bed with a toenail clipper in his hands... the sharp pointy thing extended. Do you think he appreciates me keeping him safe by demanding he put the clippers down while jumping? Nooooooo. Do you think he appreciates even being able to jump on the bed? Nooooo. He wants to take the bed apart.

Sigh. I'm counting the hours until 'mom' comes to get him.

His brother is younger and thus not demented yet. Vyron's phase may not be as harsh, either... different personalities and all. I would cross my fingers for good luck, but I need them to hold Darius down while I take his finger out of his nose.

I'm just glad I'm not responsible for them. 'Mom's' karma?

(and why does Darius have to have every single light on?)


Rudee said...

I've got all my fingers crossed for you. Sounds like you have a budding demolition expert on your hands.

Family Pictures said...

Why does Darius have to have every single light on???
Just to piss you off... heheheheeeee

Hey I don't even attempt to pull fingers out of noses... I figure they need all the protein they can get... (grin)...

Oh my... I enjoyed the read, thanks

Miss P

Sue J said...

Hi CC, Happy New Year to you :))
I wish you happiness, health, peace (when you haven't got the kids) and lots of creativity (striking you over the head with my magic wand :)) )

Hugs, Sue :))

Sandy said...

hahahaha...oh yeah...Hunt has a lot of that in him now...that guy thing compared to the baby/toddler thing...
ha. I feel for ya.

cat's momma said... have a very funny way of putting things....very honest too! And, by the way, you're scaring me. One thing I recognized in Hannah is having to have all the lights on. Right now she likes to lick thinigs 'cause she was licking her blanket and trying to make me laugh and I called her fuzz mouth! Now she tires to lick everything to get a laugh.

Brenda said...

Stopped by earlier and read this funny post. You do have a way of telling a story CC. You made me laugh. They are so cute when they are babes, and then the stages start happening. I kinda remember them with my own.

Wanda said...

Oh how funny ~~~ You have a gift of sharing such a fuuny way, I'm holding my sides...

I'm seeing so much more of this now living close to the kids.