Friday, September 05, 2008

The Boys Spent the Night

The boys unexpectedly spent the night. 'Mom' dropped something off and the boys kept muttering "gramma, can I hang out with you?" Later I had to remind them that they were the ones who asked to stay the night. This was when I was making them quiet down.

 "I got yer back, bro!"

 Stick guitars. Darius played with this stick the whole time he was here. It was a sword, a guitar, and a stick to dig in the dirt. Vyron had a back scratcher... I mean, Fender. He had a Fender guitar.

 "I got muscles gramma!"

 "That cloud looks like a dinasaur, gramma!"
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Wanda said...

I would love to see your grandkids and my Jon and Nick play together some time...they look similar in age.

I love what you captured and the captions are perfect.

BJ said...

The pictures are so cute of them. They have such beautiful smiles. It seems as though boy's have great imaginations and can make guns or swords out of anything. I remember when my boy's were young. Also, do your grandson's run and slide into things? That used to happen at our house all of the time. Or hide among racks of clothes while we were out shopping.

Yep...they definitely are special. And them wanting to spend the night with you tells you that they love you too! What could be any better?

Those grandkids.....they are the absolute best!!!!!

Sandy said...

Oh I love get the "feel" looking at these photos of brother just hanging out doing their thing...

So cute.

I saved off a pic of V awhile back that I HAVE to try and draw...

maybe today as I'm taking a day to be lazy.

Serena said...

What sweet boys! They remind me of my own sons when they were that age. :)