Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Perfect Fall Weather

We are having absolutely beautiful weather, early fall weather. Its wonderful. Cool sunshine. Sigh.

Its been very quiet around here for a while. My daughter borrowed the car for a few days. She will be bringing it back this afternoon. There's always a good chance that I will be asked to drive her back home. Its 18 miles one way. It might depend upon how much gas is in the car when it gets here.

Something I did several years ago (without benefit of a model).


cat's momma said...

I remember this! You did such a good job on it...and without a model? I don't think I realized that. I love the background and the shadow from the stick...just love it.

Sandy said...

I remember this one and what strikes me besides the little boy is the background and lighting. I've always liked this.

Glad you're weather is cooler. I'll experience cooler weather tomorrow when we get up to L's place.

Sandy said...

whoa we posted at the same time, weird..