Monday, September 08, 2008

Sometime in September

PhotobucketAnother repeat done years ago.

I always like blogs with visual aids, otherwise the writing should be supreme. I'm really low on available visual aids. I'm not too hot with supreme writing either.

I had an idea for a watercolor yesterday. I did a practice sketch to check the layout and now I'm ready to attempt it but I couldn't find my watercolors. This morning I began to look for them in earnest, but got distracted with junk mail. Spent 30 minutes shredding junk mail. By hand. (I ended up mumbling under my breath a lot... damn junk mail.) I took neat little piles (yeah, neat, sure they were neat) of books, art, papers, magazines, etc. and spread it all out over the table. Now the table is a mess. Well, more of a mess than before my search.

Then I was distracted by coffee. A fresh cup of coffee was what I wanted. Oh... and wouldn't an english muffin be nice with the coffee. That requires a second cup, but I can do that.

Time to continue looking for the watercolors, but let me check my favorite blogs first. Never mind that its very early in the morning and most people aren't even thinking blogs. You know, because they have a life. However, I've checked them so I can relax about missing anything and I'll just recheck later. After I've located my watercolors.

I came across a shoe box full of miscellaneous stuff. That miscellaneous stuff you're not sure of where to put so that you can find it/them when you want. There was a whole bunch of brushes in the box. Well! That explains why my brush caddy was looking naked. Another mystery solved. I started to put them back into the brush caddy but decided to just leave them in the box. I didn't want to be distracted from searching for the watercolors.

Those random thoughts now have me keying in a blog entry. Best to get something out there so I don't have to worry about updating the blog later. Sigh.

I started off my search for the watercolors with great optimism... I would just have to move one or two items and viola, there they would be, but as so often happens, life said "no no my little cabbage... not this time."

I'm still looking for my watercolors. Just as soon as I have another cup of coffee.

Update: As soon as I stopped looking for the watercolors I found them. And its no wonder it took a while. They were put away where they belonged. What is that about anyway.


Sandy said...

"no no my little cabbage... not this time."


I don't remember ever seeing this one. Although it's small and I need a magnifying glass, to my old eyes this looks great!

enjoyed your rambling about your "search"...

cat's momma said...

I totally enjoyed reading about your search for your watercolors...hahahaha...really funny and has that ring of universal know, how we get distracted by the little things despite such good intentions, and what the heck were we thinking when we actually put something where it belonged in order to be able to quickly find it!!!!! Loved it!

Serena said...

You work is WONDERFUL!

I had to laugh at your missing watercolours and your hunt for them. This sort of thing happens to me all the time. lol