Thursday, September 18, 2008

Are You as Tired as I Am?

I wish we could vote now and be done with it. All these political ads are wearing on my nerves.

We have a neck and neck race for senator here in my state and ohmygawd... STOP THE ADS!! Please stop with the negative smear campaign!!

The incumbent has been in politics a very long time and every time I just hear his name I cringe. I have his name associated with dirty politics, although I can't speak of a specific thing. But he's a really dirty campaigner.... and apparently that seems to work. At least that's what the "party" representatives say (as though that excuses it.) The challenger has had to step up with as many ads, too. His ads didn't start out to smear anyone. He started out talking issues, but he's had to fight fire with fire. The latest poll has one at 46% and the other at 44% with a 5 point margin of error. That's just how tight a race it is. And now we get back-to-back ads every ten minutes or so. Where are they getting the money for all of this???

I will be very glad when its all over. I might be sad at the outcome, but I will definitely be glad its over. I wish I drank. I could use something.


Rudee said...

Patient's Name: The Crusty Crone

Rx: IPOD & earbuds stat. Insert earbuds into ear, turn on IPOD and play only things you find soothing. Administer every 10 minutes to affected ears for length of advertising.

If not effective, turn on Comedy Central once daily for a dose of Jon Stewart and The Daily Show.

Prescriber Info: Dr. Rudee Leftwinger-Liberal, pHD in Bullshit Artistry

The Crusty Crone said...


Thanks doc... I needed that!

Sandy said...


Rosy said...

Um...maybe I am not looking all of the right places to even notice. lol